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bookslove books & i love to read. How they (can) look, how they (can) smell, how it feels when you turn the pages, i love it all. And yet i hardly read any books made of real paper anymore. Why? Well for almost a year and a half now i’m the owner of an e-reader. And my E is heaven. Heaven i’m telling ya!!!

Not everyone will agree with me i know. To some i may be a sell out, a traitor or something of that sort, but that’s ok. I really wanted to get an e-reader so i can easily take a book with me, which i do all the time now even if there’s no way i have time to read even a full sentence. Plus pionts are also that it weighs almost nothing, which is handy if you want to read in bed or lay on the couch, e-books in most cases are cheaper than the paper version (i have little to no money to spent) and also it makes it possible for me to read books that aren’t, and sometimes will never be, available in the Netherlands.  

My E now has around 200 titles on it and it’s being updated weekly. I do have to stop ‘feeding’ it though, it’s getting out of hand. I go trough the library and have no idea what the book is about and why i’ve added in the first place. I blame all the blogs about books i follow. They make me want to read everything! No just joking, but those blogs do feed my library constantly.

And if all that blog inspiration isn’t enough, i came across an article about 16 books to read before the film will be in theater in 2014. Of those 16 i’ve only read Divergent, The fault in our starts, Gone Girl & Dark Places are on my E already. But honestly some of the other books in that list are looking very interesting as well. Sigh, as we speak my E library has been increased by 4… I guess i have enough reading material for a couple more weeks months! 

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Books Books & more Books

  1. Misseagles says:

    Ik hou ook enorm van lezen maar doe het te weinig!
    Ook hebben we een tablet waar ik wel eens boeken op lees maar toch liever in een ‘echt’ boek. Alleen voor vakantie enzo vind ik dan de tablet wel handig…

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