Super Bowl Sunday

Yes today it’s that Sunday of the year again, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Now here in the Netherlands American Football isn’t really a big deal, or a deal at all for that matter. But i like it, ever since my exchange year and after going to a few highschool games (Go Panthers!!!), and i do follow all the NFL result during the seasons. Of course i have a favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens, but unfortunately after a super succesful season last year (Super Bowl XLVII Champions), this year it was pretty sucky. So no Ravens in the final, today the Seahawks will play the Broncos in New Jersey.

And since American Football isn’t a national sport here in the Netherlands, it can be hard to understand the game. But thanks to Fraser Davidson there is a short clip now, explaining the game to all the Liberals, Ladies & Limeys! His words not mine! So handy if you don’t understand the rules & pretty funny when you do understand it.

Happy Sun (game) day!

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