Lets go the Movies


Lets go see the stars*

When i was on holiday in Miami i decided to go & see a film at the theater at CocoWalk (aka The Grove). The film (Post Grad with Alexis Bledel, Rory from Gilmore Girls) had been out for a while so i didn’t expect a lot of other people in the theater with me. But i didn’t count on being the only one (!) there when the film started. Hmmm okay, never experienced that before. Heaven! You can laugh when you want, comment on stuff out loud and just do what the heck you like, within reason of course.

After about 15 min. a guy came in, decided he needed to sit only 2 row’s away from me & he kept looking at me over his shoulder, at one point he just stared at me for over a minute. Weirdo alert!!! I could see he was holding a beer and even if i didn’t see the can, i knew he was/ had been drinking ’cause you couldn’t miss the oder he brought in with him. Thinking this was going to be a dreadful experience, the film started & luckly the guy just watched the screen and laughed at the most unfunny moments in the film (just like i said weirdo!).

When the film was done he quickly left, leaving me alone in theater again. Perfect, because i just wanted to just stay a little while longer. Not to think about & reflect on the film (it was good just not great), but i wanted to take in what it feels like to be in a theater all by yourself. The theater wasn’t so spectacular looking as the one on the photo above, but an empty theater has a magical feeling. It’s like Lyn Gardner of The Guardian describes it, it’s like a netherworld between real life and the life of the film or an eerie twilight world between everyday life and a make-believe one.

Walking out trough the doors & out into the foyer, that magical feeling was instantly gone. Only the beer smell was back… together with the smell of old (rotting) popcorn & sweaty feet!

* A song from the musical Annie

– Post inspired by Nsmbl

Love Day

This year i don’t have a Valentine, just like all the years before (don’t worry, it doesn’t bother me 1 bit), so i’m not expecting to get any flowers, cards or chocolates. No gesture that will fill my heart with warmth, butterflies and what not’s. But when i saw this YouTube clip my heart was filled with love instantly. Too most it’s just a sappy commercial (in which you only find out what the brand making it is, perfect in my eyes), to me it’s so sweet, romantic) & it’s just a pleasure to watch. And yes in the end it did bring a tear or two in my eyes hihi.

BF (litterly) F

Steve Harvey has been a guest on the Ellen show a couple of times and i really like him. He’s nice, polite and pretty funny too. And when i saw this little clip of his show, i had to share it right away.

These two awesome and beautiful elderly ladies have been friends for 94 (!) years. Even though they are 100 years young, they’re still incredibly sharp, very worldly and just so sweet together.

I can call myself lucky to have friends just like this in my live. They are friends i’ve know since birth (both blood related & not), people i have as friends for over half of our lives, friendships that have lasted over 10 years now and also friends i haven’t known for that long, but that are very dear to me. And no matter how long we’ve been friends, i’m so glad that we can just sit, talk, goof around & just have a great time, just like Irene & Alice. And i hope we’ll still be doing just that when we are all old & grey and hanging around in an elderly home somewhere!

Super Bowl Sunday

Yes today it’s that Sunday of the year again, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Now here in the Netherlands American Football isn’t really a big deal, or a deal at all for that matter. But i like it, ever since my exchange year and after going to a few highschool games (Go Panthers!!!), and i do follow all the NFL result during the seasons. Of course i have a favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens, but unfortunately after a super succesful season last year (Super Bowl XLVII Champions), this year it was pretty sucky. So no Ravens in the final, today the Seahawks will play the Broncos in New Jersey.

And since American Football isn’t a national sport here in the Netherlands, it can be hard to understand the game. But thanks to Fraser Davidson there is a short clip now, explaining the game to all the Liberals, Ladies & Limeys! His words not mine! So handy if you don’t understand the rules & pretty funny when you do understand it.

Happy Sun (game) day!

Books Books & more Books

bookslove books & i love to read. How they (can) look, how they (can) smell, how it feels when you turn the pages, i love it all. And yet i hardly read any books made of real paper anymore. Why? Well for almost a year and a half now i’m the owner of an e-reader. And my E is heaven. Heaven i’m telling ya!!!

Not everyone will agree with me i know. To some i may be a sell out, a traitor or something of that sort, but that’s ok. I really wanted to get an e-reader so i can easily take a book with me, which i do all the time now even if there’s no way i have time to read even a full sentence. Plus pionts are also that it weighs almost nothing, which is handy if you want to read in bed or lay on the couch, e-books in most cases are cheaper than the paper version (i have little to no money to spent) and also it makes it possible for me to read books that aren’t, and sometimes will never be, available in the Netherlands.  

My E now has around 200 titles on it and it’s being updated weekly. I do have to stop ‘feeding’ it though, it’s getting out of hand. I go trough the library and have no idea what the book is about and why i’ve added in the first place. I blame all the blogs about books i follow. They make me want to read everything! No just joking, but those blogs do feed my library constantly.

And if all that blog inspiration isn’t enough, i came across an article about 16 books to read before the film will be in theater in 2014. Of those 16 i’ve only read Divergent, The fault in our starts, Gone Girl & Dark Places are on my E already. But honestly some of the other books in that list are looking very interesting as well. Sigh, as we speak my E library has been increased by 4… I guess i have enough reading material for a couple more weeks months! 

Happy reading!

♥ Funny as Sh*t

I love my brother, but he’s the reason i get addicted to various things in life. When it’s not music, it can be scuba diving, a movie, food or in this particular case a tv show. According to him there’s a show i would like & i just had to watch! He even gave me all the episodes up to a couple of weeks ago on a usb stick. So of course i listened to my big brother,  watched all of them & just finished the most resent episode just now. And to no one’s surprise he was right. It’s an awesome show &  i’m hooked, i can’t wait till next week for the next one.

I’m talking about the show 2 broke girls. I think by now it’s a pretty well-known show, but it’s about  two young women waitressing at a diner, becoming good friends, roommates & who have hopes of launching a successful cupcake business together. It makes me laugh every time i watch it, the 2 main characters Kat Dennings Beth Behrs are hilarious and so are the rest of the main characters.  Like Kobe Bryant said it they’re funny as sh*it! (Watch the clip down here)

But it also makes me wanna bake cupcakes like all the time! Maybe even to the point that i start thinking (a little dreaming maybe…) how it would be if i started a cupcake business. Not that is in the future, but still wondering how cool that could & would be. So that is why i got out a box of cupcake mix i already had, bought some fondant and already looked up some fun decorating idea’s on the web. Someday in the near future i’ll find out if i’m any good at it, so wish me luck everyone!