A recycled Christmas tree

A Christmas tree made out of a magazine… yep! Amazing what you can do with old magazines. I have seen it on different blog, but didn´t really give it much tought. But when i saw it over on Our Life in a Click this morning, i knew i would try it. It’s free, easy to make and a great way to do something with old magazines. And as if was meant to be, i got a supermarket magazine in the mail, that was perfect for this project.

First i checked if there was anything interesting in the magazine it (which there wasn´t), i got started. This little folding adventure didn’t take me longer than 5 minutes. When you use a thicker magazine, of course it will take a bit longer, but he for someone who has a short attention span, this is perfect.

After seeing a Martha Stewart clip on making these trees i started thinking about going for the glitter finish, it looks really nice and it will sparkle, which i love. Yep that’s something i’ll gonna do later.

Do you wanna take a crack at it, than all you have to do is;
Take an old magazine and fold each page into the spine of the magazine Then fold the folded piece over onto itself into a point.
Flip it over and it should look like this.  That point on the bottom needs to be folded up and tucked inside to make the bottom of the tree nice and flat.It should look like this.Repeat the steps for every page and you should end up with a pretty recycled Christmastree!

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