M(e) M(oment) Time

A moment to yourself. It’s something that every person on this globe can use once in a while. And Miss Lipgloss wrote about doing just that by taking a well deserved shower session (article is in Dutch).

Like her i don’t have a bath, just a shower. Never had a bath in the houses i have lived in, but that’s no problem, bathing is not really my thing. Once ran a bath, got in and after a good 5 minutes got out again!

Last night i could really use a MM (Me Moment) and decided to go with the shower session. The given suggestions by Miss Lipgloss were really simple and did the trick to create the perfect mood. I lit some candles, put on music and the vibe was warm and soothing. (An apology for the lines coming, especially for the men (if there are any) reading this, for this may be a bit explicit for them). After shaving my legs, painting my nails, a facial mask and last but not least a scrub with my favorite scent Secret Crush by VictoriaSecret, i felt so clean, relaxed. To make it a perfect MM i had already made the bed with freshly washed sheets, selected a romantic movie and made a delicious banana & raspberry smoothie!

As you can guess, that night i slept like a log and i woke up well rested. Life isn’t as bad as we sometime think it is. We’ll all be okay!!!

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