Who I Am?


As you are getting older, physically aswell as mentally, you learn more and more about yourself. And by the time you’re all grown up & stuff like that, it’s somewhat expected that you have it all figured out. You know what you like & what don’t, what works & what doesn’t, what you want out of life, how you want to spent it and so on. Yeah well i can tell you that even when you’ve reached that adult-ly age you’ll probably still have no clue on most of it. At least that’s the case when i t come to me. I just do, go with the flow and still am in the dark on most life issues. But don’t fear for my future, because thankfully nowadays i have some help figuring it all out.

Help from the internet, in the form of tests! You might know which tests, might have seen them in your Facebook feed or on all kinds of sites and maybe you even took one yourself. I’m talking about ‘the what-food-matches-your-personality‘ (Hot Buttered Roll), ‘which-mean-girls-character-are-you‘ (Cady Heron) and all the other test variations that are out there.

You know if this single girl didn’t take these quizzes, she would’ve never know that the guy she’ll end up with will be somewhat like the Disney Prince Phillip or Will Smith. And i wouldn’t have known that my dad isn’t my real dad but Phil Dunphy is. Which is weird since i also figured out that if i was on Modern Family i would play him… Yea weird in more ways than one, manly cause i’m a girl…

Also now that i’m going back to school & studying to be a teacher, i wondered if education is my true career destiny. So i took the ~What Career Should I Actually have ~ test and it turns out i shouldn’t have quite competitive swimming when i was 23. I should’ve kept going, my destiny career is being an athlete… Only i know darn well i wouldn’t have made it to the Olympics and besides swimming i’m not really good at any other sport. But it turns out i am on the right track any way, it also says that other good occupation options are trainer & or life coach and to me being a teacher is getting close to both of them.

And if i don’t want to be just one person or any other kind of lifeform i have more options. I’ll just be Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, Rue in Hunger Games, Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory, the villain Gaston, child star Hillary Duff or Princess Aurora. But i can also be Scooter  if i was one of the Muppets and when it comes to mythical creatures i’ll be a fairy.

So if you, just like me, need some (more) guidance* in your life just go over to Zimbio or Buzzfeed and take some of the quizzes. Or make some just for the fun of it!!!

* & of course i mean guidance in the funniest way possible

♥ Teleportation


We all had a moment during our live that we just wished the ground would open itself & swallow us. Or a moment that you simply just didn’t wanna be in a ‘space’ (physically or mentally) you were at that moment. Having a time machine would be would be awesome, something like the one in the big bang theory, or having an Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak, only as far is i know there is no such thing as a time machine or an invisibility cloak.

But what i do know now, thanks to Safestyle-windows, there is a secret doorway on the net that will virtually teleport you anywhere in the world! A perfect site to just dream away and escapen if you don’t feel like being where you are right now!


♥ The Day After

Honestly i don’t give a good goose fart on a muggy day* about valentine’s day. I’m single, never really had a valentine & it’s all fine by me. Maybe if i did have one, it would be different, but i don’t so…

… Nothing special for me, to me it was just a normal thursday. I spend a good part of the day over at a friend’s house. Just doing some schoolwork stuff for her on the computer & just hanging out. It was fun. She did write me a card, which was very sweet of her. And when i got home after swim practice i found another card, one of my best friends send me a card with an awesome photo of the two of us in Amsterdam on the front.

But with all that Valentines stuff just passing me by, i did come across this you tube clip. It’s just so cute, i had to share it.

* quote from New in Town

Pretty Ugly

The season is almost upon us. Only 6 Sundays and so only 48 nights until christmas! And so it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas too. You start to see and read more and more Christmas related stuff everywhere. Tree ornaments, decoration inspirations, delish food ideas and of course like every year all the different Christmas ‘attire’ that is out there.

And when it comes to all the Christmas themed ‘attire’ i’m honestly astonished at how many Christmas themed sweaters have been made and are still alive and kicking in this universe. Just take a look at Pinterest and especially on the Ugly Christmas Sweaters board created by Applepiepieces. She made finding the ugliest Christmas sweater into a contest.If you want and you have an ugly Christmas sweater, just pin a picture of the sweater onto her board. You never know what good can come of an ugly piece of fabric.

I myself have never been so lucky to own an ugly sweater and i think that that’s a shame. Yes a shame, because you know what? They’re actually pretty cool and popular too. You can even buy them online here. I swear that if i had the money, i would really think about ordering a pretty ugly one. Just so i could wear it to my family christmas diner!

But i don’t have the money, so maybe, just maybe i’ll go digging for an old sweater and make me my own pretty ugly Christmas sweater!

♥ Smile It’s Summer

Starting today until september 21st it’s summer. Officially i have to say, because here in the Netherlands it may not always look and feel like summer. But with a clip like this and with the message it bring, you’d have to have a heart of stone (or no heart at all for that matter) if this doesn’t open your heart (and hopefully you mind aswell) and starts shining like the sun!


♥ Let’s go Dutchies!

Tonight at 6pm the European Championship will start for the Dutch team. The first game in the pool stage will be against the Danish. I’ll be working during the game, but the tv will be on, so hopefully i will be able to see something of the game and see all the goals the lions are gonna score (yes they’re gonna win!). And with this (*click*) song by Andre Hazes, played on the radio just now, i have to admit i’m feeling a bit nervous.

Let’s go for the win!!!x

* A song by Wolter Kroes, Yes-R & Ernst Daniël Smid, featuring most of the Dutch Lions