And that was that


Just as i’m typing this the Dutch bobsled team finished their last run down the track. They’ve done very well & finished 11th over all. With that finish the tournament for them is over. But that finish also rings in the end of the games for the Dutch Olympic team (#TeamNL). The Sochi Games are over and done with. ‘We’ competed in speed skating, short track, snowboarding & bobsledding. And TeamNL did pretty awesome i think. In total 24 medals (8 gold, 7 silver & 9 bronze) will come home to Holland. No previous Dutch team has been so succesful at the winter games!

I’ve been able to watch a lot of what the Dutchies achieved on tv. In these last 14 days my tv hasn’t changed channels at all. Who needs a remote during the Olympics right?! But i’ve also been lured in to watching many other sports. Sports ‘we’ don’t compete in & i would normally never ever watch. Skeleton, curling (!), ice hockey… honestly i’ve watched all of the sports & all of their different disciplines. Loved them all!

So it might seem weird that i’m glad the closing ceremony is tonight and that after the final fireworks everything will be back to business as usual. For me the time has come to say it’s been enough. I’m getting a bit tired of all the snow, ice, skies, skates, boards, sticks and all that jazz. I’m on the verge of having a (winter) sports overdose. Of course i am going to watch the ceremony, i’m interested to see what the russians have created for us this time and i want to see Bob de Jong walk into the stadium with our flag.

But after that it’s finito, back to normal and the next winter games are still far far away. No change for a sports overload for me for awhile… No wait… isn’t the world cup soccer this summer? And the Tour de France, the Swimming World championship, Wimbledon… Pfff i’m gonna need to unplug fast if i wanna be ready for the coming summer!    

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