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tumblr_m5txjoIoW31rwnwivo1_400When i came across this tag i knew i wanted to answer the questions one day. I love fairy tales, you can find numerous fairytale books on my shelves and movies in my cupboard. This ‘fairytale tag’* has questions based on different kind of fairytale characters and their stories.

Snow White: Would you consider yourself beautiful or pretty?
I wouldn’t call myself beautiful or pretty. But i’m not saying that i’m ugly.  I have my plusses and minuses, just like everyone else. To me no one is ugly (ugly is just an ugly word). Just like everyone else i think i have some features i really like & some that i would love to trade in for a better version. I love the colour and shape of my eyes, love my hands/ fingers and i do like my side view of my legs (especially when i’m wearing heels).

Sleeping Beauty: How many hours a night do you sleep?
I’m a big fan of sleep. I really do need my 8+ hours just so i can function properly. I can do with 1 or 2 nights with fewer hours, but not more than that. If i make more short nights i’ll plug out. And when i plug out i’m stuck with a giant migraine and everything that comes with that. Not good, so i do try to get all the sleep i need. And sometimes a little bit more 😉

Cinderella: Do you have a curfew?
Not a curfew in the sence that i have to be home at a certain time. I’ve been leaving on my own for over 14 years now so that would have been a bit weird right?! When i go out i do try to be home at a decent hour. Especially when i have things planed the next day. I know myself and if i’m out to late it also means that i will be getting out of bed late. Only if there is a fun birthday party i go to, i can try to set a time, but i never stick to it.

Rapunzel: Do you like to be outside?
I do love to be outside. As long as the weather is nice and mild, not to hot and not to cold. In the summer i love to sit outside for as long as i can, which can be far after midnight. In fall or winter it’s also very nice to be outside when it’s not raining, the sun is shining and there’s a clear sky.

Little Red Riding Hood: Do trust strangers easily?
I am somewhat naive. I do trust people very easily and i do find myself surprised and sometimes upset when people turn out to be not so trustworthy. Ya i know, i should know better by now, but i have faith in the human race.

The Wolf & the Seven Young Kids: Can you be fooled easily?
I used too, but i like to think not anymore. My commonsense is better developed over the years… i think.

Beauty & the Beast: In your eyes what make a person beautiful?
To me a person is beautiful when they are who they are. The ones who are brave enough to show the world their true self, with all the flaws and imperfections.Who are sweet, caring and true. Who have respect for the people around them, the ones that don’t judge. And definite a person is beautiful or gorgeous even, when they smile. A smile is the window to the soul!

The Little Mermaid: What would you sacrifice for love ?
I don’t know. For love in the sense of boyfriend/ husband, i’m single so i can only imagine how far i would go. But i think it will be the same as when it comes to the love for family and friends. For them i would go as far as to say i would give my life. Yep that sounds pretty deep and serious, but it’s true.

The Frog Pincesses: What do you find disgusting?
I find the word disgusting a bit disgusting haha.

Jack & the Beanstalk: Which plants are in your house?
None. And if there are any, they are fake. I can’t for the life of me keep any plants alive. Don’t know why, but i guess they (yes all of them) just don’t like me.

Puss in Boots: Do you have any pets?
I do. I work for Mickey the cat (you know what they say; dogs have owners & cats have personnel). But Mickey also has my parents working for him. He’s been living with them for a couple of years now, ever since i’ve work in the Hauge for a year and a half.

Bluebeard: Name a character weakness.
Hmm it has to been that i can be very insecure. Even though i darn well know i don’t have to be. And it can be in all sorts of situations. When i’m out with friends, when i meet a cute guy, going places where i only know 1 person or nobody at all. Also now that i’m going back to school i have the fear of failing my tests. Luckily getting older i have more control over it and it’s bothering me less and less. Strangely enough i never have those feelings when i’m in and around the pool. Weird but true.

Pinocchio: What’s your biggest wish?
I don’t have any big wishes really, besides that whole ‘prince charming’ thingy wish and staying healthy. I live by the day (okay maybe week, month or year) and go for goals i have at that moment. ‘A wish is a goal not written down’.

Peter Pan: What’s your mental age?
A few weeks ago there was a mental age test somewhere here on the net. And as i remember correctly my age was 42. Not to bad i think (my actual age is 35)

The Star Money: What’s your most valuable possession?
I don’t really know. First thing that comes to mind are my photo albums & my (external) hard drive that houses even more photo’s. It’s what i would take with me when there is a fire or if i have to leave my house in a hurry for some reason. And than there are my awards & swimming medals. Probably of no importance to anyone else, but to me they represent a time i was so happy doing what i love and when, looking back i was completely ‘me’. Everything else i have can be replaced, like phone, passport, furniture etc etc.

Mother Holle: Are you lazy or a hard worker?
Can i say i’m an in-between-er? I’m not a very hard worker at this moment, but i’m not lazy at all. I do what i have to do & i do take an extra step sometimes. But when it’s possible i can be pretty lazy as well.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Do you like to go to parties?
Of course i do! Especially when it’s with friends and family.

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Do you care about clothing??
It depends. When it comes to everyday wear a pair of jeans will do just fine. And i don’t tent to spent a lot of money on it. When it comes to (really) dressing up i do like to spent some money and go for a dress of skirt.

The Princess and the Pea: Are you squeamish/ easily hurt?
I am. But after a few seconds i’m fine again. Well not when a bone or something will stick out, but you get my drift.

*I can’t remember where i’ve seen this tag for the 1st time, so unfortunately i can’t give credit to anyone

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