♥ Ring Ring

Not all my friends live in the same town as me, or even close by for that matter, and that also means i don’t get to see them as often as i would like.

We do call & text, (both not very often) see each other every now and then, but also keep up-to-date thanks to Facebook. After we’ve seen each other we, or at least i do, try to keep them up-to-date more, even if it’s just about groceries of something small like that. But for some reason after a while it all becomes less and less. Thankfully it’s not a big deal for all of us, we’re friends and love each other to bits (at least i do) and when we do see each other all is fine.

But i do wish we talk more often. And after ready a post on A Cup of Jo, i think maybe we should make a pact like her friend Kendra did. She and her best friend, who also live far apart, made a rule that they will talk for five minutes at a time. If the call goes longer, fine; but if they have to hang up (to go to work, comfort a baby, eat dinner), then it’s totally cool. Not every call has to be a deep conversation. They can just ring and say, “I’m getting my haircut today, any advice?” or “What cute things is your baby doing?” and chat quickly and hang up. Now they enjoy these little calls all the time and are in close touch.

So next time i get to talk, text or see my friends i’ll bring it up. It’s a great idea right?!

3 thoughts on “♥ Ring Ring

  1. Nicole says:

    Heb eigenlijk hetzelfde met een ver-weg-woon-vriendinnetje. Zien elkaar soms echt super lang niet, spreken elkaar dan ook niet.. Maar als we elkaar dan zien, is t als vanouds! Zo hoort vriendschap ook te zijn.. en die little chats, klinken amazing.. al blijft t vast moeilijk om je eraan te houden!

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