Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer awareness month!

It’s October 1st and that means breast cancer awareness month. Sadly organizing these awareness months are still necessary. In the Netherlands alone 1 out of 8 women are diagnode with breast cancer and it’s the number 1 cause of death with women between the ages of 35 and 55. On average 13.000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer, 100 of them are men. And of those 13.000 diagnosed, sadly 3.200 people die of breast cancer each year.

Reading these states i’m glad that there is an organization like Pink Ribbon that creates worldwide awareness for breast cancer. For example it provides information, resources, support and guidance for patients, caregivers, providers, and all persons whose lives have been affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer. Also it finances scientific research aimed at prevention, treatment, cure and other medical aspects of breast cancer.

It’s a miracle if breast cancer hasn’t played a rol in your life. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, thank God she’s declared clean. One of her friends had both of her breast removed because of the cancer. And just resently one of my closest friends found a little lump. It wasn’t breast cancer, but it does give a huge scare and makes you come down to earth within a second.

Knowing all this it can’t be surprising that i support Pink Ribbon with all my heart. Every year i donate money and buy something from the PinkRibbon store. It may not be very much but every small bit helps and if everyone gave a little, we can do a lot!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis month my header will be in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness month!

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