Liberation day

Yesterday we remembered all the people who fought and died during world War 2 and in wars or peacekeeping missions that followed up till now, during the annual Dodenherdenking. It’s always impressive to be quite for 2 minutes and hear nothing but the birds and some of the little kids who have no idea what is going on. It’s humbling and it makes me remember that living in freedom isn’t a given for everyone. I  praise myself lucky that i was born in a place where i can live my life in freedom; be who i wanna be, do what i wanna do. With all that is going on in the world you realize that it, unfortunately, isn’t normal.

And the day after Dodenherdenking it’s Liberation day. A day to celebrate our freedom, in general but also to celebrate the end of world war 2. All over the country activities have been organized. I’m not gonna participate in any, but gonna celebrate it by doing nothing inparticular. Just enjoying a day off.

I wish y’all peace, love and happiness & not just today but everyday of your life!

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