♥ Book Heaven

It’s Sunday morning and that to me is a perfect time to read a good book. Staying in bed a bit longer than you would normally do or curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and just read.

But before you can read that book you need to buy it first. You can buy it on the internet and in the actual store. I prefer the store. I can spend hours nosing around, just so i can find that 1 book that i didn’t know i was looking for. Usually i go to the bookstore in my hometown but after reading and seeing The Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World, i definitely wanna go and visit the amazing bookstores in Maastricht (Netherlands), Porto (Portugal), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Beijing (China) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The bookstores in the Netherlands wouldn’t be a problem, the other ones will have to go on my ‘want to visit’ list. For now i have to be happy with my book from the bookstore in Sneek…

♥ A gem on Sunday

What a beautiful song by Jason Mraz (a perfect song for my migraine playlist). It’s the first single from Jason’s new album Love is a Four Letter Word.  An album that according to Jason himself will be; “less horns, more piano and guitar textures (and) more vocal landscapes. That, to me, has always been my favorite part of making music; the singing and what voices can do and voices singing in harmony.”

And with a gem as powerful and emotional as this one, I’m really curious what the rest of the album will sound like. The waiting game has started, the release will be April 17th.

This gem i ‘discovered’ thanks to TheBellJar.nl

♥ Get ready

A very appropriate Sunday morning song
Seal – People get Ready


While watching tv shows and movies, i come across some pretty awesome artists and songs. Unfamiliar artists and unheard songs that trigger my love for music.

That also happened when i heard ‘People get Ready’ preformed by Seal. I immediately downloaded the song and every time i listen to it, i stop for a minute and just think. Think about life, how i experience my kind of faith and about the trouble the world is in and that we should be more ‘loving’ towards each other. Have respect and dignity and treat everyone like you would want to be treated. The world needs it!

(To listen to the song please click on the picture above, it will only play on youtube)

A Sunday the way it’s suppose to be

I had a really relaxing day yesterday. From the moment i woke up i took it easy. Doing it all at my own pace. A little cleaning up, breakfast while surfing on the laptop and the rerun of the Saints – 49ers game playing in the background.

While reading my twitter timeline i came across this clip and it did motivate me to get my butt of the couch and do something. Got dressed put some shoes on an went for a nice walk. Just like i expected i wasn’t the only one enjoying the weather. It was Sunday afternoon aka ‘national go outside with the family and go for a walk or a bike ride day’. Understandable, it was very nice out, sunny, no clouds and not to cold. With my new music playlist playing on my iPod i was at peace, enjoying the music, the surroundings and even my thoughts. I tried to make some pictures on the way but the different camera apps on my iPhone have been quitting on me lately. For some reason i can’t get them to open en when they eventually do open they make a picture and without saving it the app shut down. Frustrating.

After a good hour and a half i was home again, ready for a nice shower, a lick of paint for my (tow)nails and after that some me time on the couch.

The rest of the afternoon I tried to read a book, but I failed big time. The laptop was way more interesting so i ended up catching up on all the new blog post in my bloglovin’. I seriously have to many blog i follow, it takes up so much time to get up to date, i have to make myself downsize (i say that every time and never do btw).

At night i also had a first. The NFL playoff games are coming to an end and I finally was able to see a Ravens game live! Yep my favorite this year are the Ravens. Because of Michael Ohre (#74) and the Blind Side, Michael Phelps (a Baltimore native) and also because of Ray Rice. I’ve seen a short documentary on him and since then i’m a fan. It was also the first time i watched a game from the beginning till the end and the Ravens won. A very good night for all you can say.

And today it’s back to the order of the day; busy finding a job and stuff. It’s cold outside but with the heater on, some music and candles lit, it all will be okay. I have no fear for Blue Monday!


A perfect sunday breakfast

Two pieces of toast, 1 with cheese, 1 with sliced chicken and both with rucola and pine nuts. Very tasty, healthy and a good way to start a day.

This is what my breakfast looked like this morning. Well minus the egg’s, i didn’t have any and i used brown bread instead of white. Okay so it didn’t really looked like that, but it was good!

Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday.