#febphotoaday challenge

The February month is over and so i should have 29  #febphotoaday pictures to show you. Yes i should have, but i only have 6 to show you at this moment.


1.Your view today / 2.words / 3. hands

4. A stranger / 5. 10a.m. / 6. diner

I guess now you’re wondering what happen. Well i can tell you that i did not quite, no my phone did (read about it here). While having it repaired i’m living/ dealing with a Samsung Galaxy Mini for the last 14+ days. As you know Galaxy means Android and not Apple. No Apple equals no Instagram (is it ever gonna be an Android app?). And since i want to keep all the pictures in the #photoaday challenges in the same style i don’t want use another program/app for the photo’s. So i’m planning to ‘Instagram’ the rest of this months photo’s (made with digital camera) when i get my iPhone back.

Now a new month and a new #photoaday challenge has started and i’m still in. I’m having fun with it and it makes me more and more creative everyday.

I’m keeping up the clicking!!!


♥ #febphotoaday

It’s the beginning of a new month and that means that there’s a new photo a day challenge going on in blog land. I’m a sucker for photos, so i’m going to join in on the fun!

Normally i read about these challenges when we’re already a couple of days into the month, for example with the January photo a day challenge. And since i don’t like to pick something up half way through, i didn’t participate in January. But i did make a mental note for February so i would be in from the beginning.

Now the February challenge is a little different from the August break. In August you could take a picture of anything & everything, now you have some sort of guideline. And i do like that in a way. You don’t have to decide what you’re gonna photograph, but how you’re gonna capture a moment of your day, a challenge for the brain!

The pictures i will take, wouldn’t be posted every day like i did in August. I’m more thinking of doing a post half way through the month and another one at the end. Taken pictures will be posted daily on Instagram. So if you can’t wait, find me on Instagram or if you don’t have that app, find me here on Followgram.me!

August Break (the end)

It’s the 31st of August today and that means that the August Break adventure is over. It’s unbelievable how fast this month has come and gone by.

At first i wasn’t sure if i was gonna be able to stick to it, but in total i only skipped posting 9 times and only 3 times i posted a picture that wasn’t mine. All in all i can say i’m pretty proud of myself. I really liked participating and loved how you sometimes started to look at things in a whole different way. Doing it again next year?