#febphotoaday challenge

The February month is over and so i should have 29  #febphotoaday pictures to show you. Yes i should have, but i only have 6 to show you at this moment.


1.Your view today / 2.words / 3. hands

4. A stranger / 5. 10a.m. / 6. diner

I guess now you’re wondering what happen. Well i can tell you that i did not quite, no my phone did (read about it here). While having it repaired i’m living/ dealing with a Samsung Galaxy Mini for the last 14+ days. As you know Galaxy means Android and not Apple. No Apple equals no Instagram (is it ever gonna be an Android app?). And since i want to keep all the pictures in the #photoaday challenges in the same style i don’t want use another program/app for the photo’s. So i’m planning to ‘Instagram’ the rest of this months photo’s (made with digital camera) when i get my iPhone back.

Now a new month and a new #photoaday challenge has started and i’m still in. I’m having fun with it and it makes me more and more creative everyday.

I’m keeping up the clicking!!!


Phone Misery

Every time you drop your phone a sigh of relieve comes out when nothing is broken, cracked and no pieces are missing. You are relieved your baby is ok and that you’re ok. Well at least that’s how i feel every time i drop my beloved iPhone.

But you can only drop your phone so times before the damage is actually visible. And when i dropped my phone a couple of Saturdays ago, my baby showed me how hurt she really was. So many little cracks on her bottom right side, with one really big one going to her top right side. It was such a horrible sight i couldn’t bare to take a picture of her, i just sat there and tried to hold in my tears (i was at a friends house, little kids were around and i didn’t want them to see my pain). What was i to do now?

Luckily when i bought my snookums (loving all the nicknames for my phone) i also took out a special insurance just in case. That ‘just in’ case was now. I called the company and within 4 hours they came to pick up the phone and gave me replacement phone, equal to my iPhone. Well that’s what they state in their policy, but when they came to get my sweetheart, what i got was a Nokia from the stone age! I was so upset/ angry/ po-ed i wanted to smash something. But just in time realising that if i did break something it wouldn’t help the phone situation and i would destroy something i’d probably had to replays. After a cry i decided to call the company again the next day and try to sort things out.

The next day i called, twice even! The first time the dude on the other end of the line said he couldn’t help me; it was not possible to get another phone and he couldn’t send another driver to my house too, those where the policies. Man what to do… I definitely don’t want to be stuck with the Nokia for the coming + 4weeks (they can’t tell you how long the repair will take). Thinking about it and ready (very bad reviews!) about the company on the internet, i had no faith and only wanted to get my own phone back. It still worked so i would just have to live with the cracked screen. So i called again and told them i wanted munchkin back, i wasn’t satisfied with the replacement phone, couldn’t do what i needed to be doing on that thing. Maybe i exaggerated a bit, but it did partly give satisfying result. In 2 days they would send a driver with smart phone that i could use during the time my iPhone was being repaired. And they kept their word. I got a Samsung Galaxy Mini. A very nice smart phone that has proven to be a decent replacement.

So far so good, but i do miss my apps (especially Instagram!), my music and just my lovely! Hopefully she’s gonna be as good as new and we can be reunited very soon.

♥ #febphotoaday

It’s the beginning of a new month and that means that there’s a new photo a day challenge going on in blog land. I’m a sucker for photos, so i’m going to join in on the fun!

Normally i read about these challenges when we’re already a couple of days into the month, for example with the January photo a day challenge. And since i don’t like to pick something up half way through, i didn’t participate in January. But i did make a mental note for February so i would be in from the beginning.

Now the February challenge is a little different from the August break. In August you could take a picture of anything & everything, now you have some sort of guideline. And i do like that in a way. You don’t have to decide what you’re gonna photograph, but how you’re gonna capture a moment of your day, a challenge for the brain!

The pictures i will take, wouldn’t be posted every day like i did in August. I’m more thinking of doing a post half way through the month and another one at the end. Taken pictures will be posted daily on Instagram. So if you can’t wait, find me on Instagram or if you don’t have that app, find me here on Followgram.me!

Baby Baby


Saturday morning i just wanted to cry, like a little girl who feels that her whole world was crumbling down. Well actually i did cry, not squealing like it was the end, but still crying.  I was making cupcakes and it wasn’t going the way i planned or hoped at all. I got so frustrated and was ready to indulged myself in self-pity-ness. Why was i feeling so crappy?

It all started with the fact that the muffin tin i have, doesn’t fit in my oven. Bought it & never used it… Not smart! I needed to improvise, the cakes needed to be baked, i promised to make around 25 of them. All the creative ideas i came up with were useless and didn’t help one bit; my first batch & a half were a big failure. This wasn’t gonna work and i had to go back to the store for more ingredients. Not something i had planned and just the thought of that made me even more cranky that i already was.

As i was trying to accepting all the things that screwed up my planning, my mom called me and (almost in tears again) i told her what was going on. Just needed to get it of my chest you know. But because she’s the best mom in the world, she came up with a simple solution. Go to my parents house and make the cakes there. Now why didn’t i think of that??? So that’s what i did and made my cakes… in time!

Why was i making the cakes? The next day (last Sunday) a surprise baby-shower was being organized for my cousin by her sister in law. My cousin is due to give birth to her son around December 1st. My aunt (my cousins mom)  promised to make some special cakes, but didn’t really know how to make them, so i said i’d help her. I would make the cakes and together we would decorate them. The decorating wasn’t such a hassle thank goodness. With lots of laughter and fun we created some little pieces of eatable art. Don’t know if it was art, but for a first attempt i think we did okay. We did come to the conclusion that if somebody wanted to hire us, we’d charge a minimum of €5 ($7) per cake haha.

And luckily all that hard work was not in vain, everybody thought that cakes looked great and tasted delicious. Phew what a relieve. Maybe this wasn’t the last time i made and decorated some cakes, but i wouldn’t bake them in my own oven that for sure!