The Blogmopolitan Quiz

A while back i came across a post by Little Miss Katy. It was ‘The Blogmopolitan Quiz’ & i was instantly smitten with it. It’s a questionnaire kinda like the ones you see in Cosmo magazine when they interview a celebrity. The quiz is made by Erin aka Two Thirds Hazel & after surfing around on here blog i saw she created more versions of the Blogmopolitan Quiz. Very cool and i will definitely fill some of them in, in the future!

As i said i was so smitten with the quiz, i immediately knew that when i would get back in the blogging game i had to fill in the quiz and post it. And tadaa here it is!!!
The Blogmopolitan Quiz 3

* If you would like to fill in the quiz yourself, find the downloadable blank image here.

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