Maybe we needed washing

After the beautiful weather we’ve been having for the last couple of weeks, it’s getting used to all the water that has been coming down from the sky right now. Of course we prefer the sunshine over the rain. But sometimes a good rain shower isn’t so bad. Somethings are better in the rain!

♥  Kissing is way better in the rain ♥ Dancing & singing is awesome in the rain ♥  In combination with the sun you can see one of natures most beautiful miracles; the rainbow ♥ You can pick up a book, a cup of tea and curl up on the couch ♥  It’s so relaxing to stay in bed all day & have a movies or series marathon ♥  Unleashing your real and maybe repressed feelings can be so liberating ♥  You can shamelessly act like a kid again and play in puddles ♥

So you see rain isn’t always a bad thing. And if it’s bad, it’s never as bad as we think it is.


That’s also the metaphoric message in this youtube clip, a reminder to us that we sometimes need to see a bit further than our own front yard. There are always people in worse situations than ours. And their troubles should put our small daily problems in to perspective. We shouldn’t let the little inconvenient things get in our way: let them be what they are, accept them, deal with them or don’t and move forward. We’ll be fine!

And when you unexpectedly do get caught in a rain shower, don’t worry, maybe you needed washing!

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