The Exchange

amarins6990 may just some ordinary numbers to most, but not to me. When I see this number combination it bring back so many memories.

You see 6990 is the number of the district in which I spent a year as an exchange student: Rotary district 6990 SouthEast Florida, The Keys & Grand Bahama Islands*.

When I was browsing on fb today i landed on the Rotary District 6990* page i had to ‘like’ it of course. And scrolling through the posts I came across a picture* of a group of people holding a banner welcoming an exchange student to the US, to their club and their homes.

Of course I don’t know the exchange student, but I can imagine what she was feeling when seeing the banner and the group as she was coming out of the gate. Tired, a bit scared but mostly excited about everything that is coming her way this exchange year.

Or at least that’s how I felt exactly 19 years ago today!



* clickable links


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