On the wall

IMG_4793The painting i have hanging on my livingroom wall (here on the right), has been the same one that’s been there for the last decade or so. I’ve put it up the day i moved in and it was also in my previous house. So jeah it’s been there a while & i’m still not sick of it. But lately i have been walking around with the idea i want to chang it up a bit, get something new. But what would be nice? What would ‘fit’ the room and what would ‘fit’ me? I’d love it to be colorful, not to bright though and i would go for something that sends out a calming vibe. O and of course it would be awesome if it was something that not everyone had hanging in their home.

I’ve already been looking around but honestly i know exactly what i want. I’ve known ever since i’ve seen a gorgeous picture at the Petersik house (they blogged about it back in early 2012). The painting is made by Samantha French and she has an Etsy store where you can see (and buy if you want) more of her oil paintings & prints. Of course i checked out her shop right away & couldn’t help fall in love with her style. Not only because of the colors she uses and the composition, but maybe mostly because of the swimming theme (o me & my swimming!).

il_570xN.248259621And now ever since 2012 i’m smittingly & head over heels in love with the print you see here on the left: ”Three Feet Below’ print (the same one the Petersiks have fyi). And i’m afraid that ever since, i can’t help but compare everything i see that’s a possibility, to that print.

So i made a promise to myself that one day i will own this print. Don’t know when, don’t know how, but i will!

Maybe a good birthday wish list item?!

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