IMG_6169When i came home and saw what was waiting for me i could only cheer. What was so cheer-worthy? My Instaswap package had finally arrived. It had taken the postman almost 2 weeks after the first delivery attempt to find my house again. Well he sort of found it, he delivered it at the neighbours 6 houses down. Why it took 2 weeks, i have no idea, but he sure knew how to test my patience as well as that of the organiser of the swap and the maker of the package. All in all i’m glad everything turned out good and i’m so so happy with my ‘instaswap2014 summer edition‘ package.

After seeing more and more of the first Instaswap edition on Instagram (#instaswap2013) and on a few blogs, i knew i wanted to join in if a new edition would be held. How cool is it to swap/ exchange small gifts with someone you don’t know! You had to sign up and after a couple of weeks you receive a name & address by the swap organizer: that person will be your secret swapper. You snoop around on his/her Instagram, maybe also on some other (social media) sites and get inspired to make or buy (little) gifts for that person. On June 1st everyone would send out their creations & after you receiving the goodies you will also find out who it was that sent it to them.

Below you can see what was in the package that took forever to get here. IMG_6354

This is what my sweet swapper made/ created/ bought for me!

  • toothpicks with little white birds
  • quotes of ribbons
  • 2 little notebooks & a pencil in my favorite colors
  • 4 different colored thread
  • several cranes attached to a cord
  • different sized hearts
  • gorgeous candle bags
  • pretty little dolls


I’m loving the gifts my swapper made for me. Especially the hearts & cranes have been inspiring me. But more on that later. For now i’m gonna enjoy all the cuteness and maybe even starting to think about the next Instaswap!

P.s. what did i get for my swapper? Well you can see it *here*



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