15 Questions Hardly Anybody Asks

vraagtekenSometimes you come across some questions that, normally, you would never have thought of and in that case also would never have asked somebody. But the questions in this case aren’t that weird and the answers could turn out pretty funny or interesting. So i thought why not and go for it? Lets go people!

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
I have turned one of the bedrooms in my house in to a ‘walk in closet’ & the door to that room is always closed when i go to sleep. As well all the other doors on the landing. Except for my bedroom door. That one is always open. Don’t know why, maybe that way all the ghosts and spirits can come and go as they wish (even though walls and closed doors are a piece of cake to them haha).

Do you take home the shampoo, conditioner & soaps from the hotels?
Yes i do! And only that. The towels, decorations & anything else you can think of i leave it behind. (I work in a hotel & you’d be surprised what people take home with them!)

Sleeping with the sheets over your head or below?
Below. I think i would suffocate if they’re over my head.

Ever steal a street sign?
Ehhh yea i did. When i was in college. Cycling back to a friend’s house after a night out in the town we came across a sign that would look amazing in their house. So we took it. Not proud of that moment and honestly i can’t even remember what kind of sign it was.

Do you use ‘to do’ lists?
Of course. Way to many. And that makes getting thing done really difficult. Need to get a better system for that!

Do you have freckles?

Have you ever peed in the woods?
Yes i have, multiple times. During my military training we spent some times in the woods and when you got to go, you got to go!

What’s this weeks song?
That has to be Hunter Hayes & Jason Mraz ‘Everybody’s got somebody but me’. Such a catching song, is stuck in my head for a while now.

What’s the size of your bed?
It’s a straight forward bed: mattress size 140 x 200. The comforter is 240 x 200/220.

Is there anything that’s irritating you right now?
There is, it’s swim related thing but it’s something i can’t change. Wrote all my thoughts on it down and hopefully soon there will be a meeting and it can be resolved (not getting my hopes up btw)

What’s your favorite food?
There is so so much i like.

Do you chew pens and or pencil?
Never! I find it so yucky.

Do you still watch cartoons?
Yes i do!!! I’m still a little kid at heart.

Do you count your steps while you walk?
No i don’t.

Do you dance even if there’s no music to dance to?
I really do need music to dance. And when i hear music i like i can get wild and dance like a freak!

Okay now you know a little bit more about me. And if after this you want to know even more about me, just ask away!

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