Hammock Lounging

IMG_5702As i’m writing this, it’s around 25 degrees (celsius) outside and inside my house it’s probably a bit warmer. That’s what you get when your main livingroom windows are facing south and there are no blinds only curtains to keep the direct sunlight out. But i’m not complaining, not yet haha. I do have to come up with a solution before the real heat is coming this summer though.

But that’s not why i started this post. With this beautiful weather i really wished i had a hammock. Especially after i enjoyed my aunts hammock earlier this month (picture left). The sheer joy of just laying there, reading a book and rocking a little bit. Okay sitting in my lawn chairs is comfy too, but a hammock would be the ultimate. I also have the perfect spot in my garden in mind.

So i’ve looking around on the net if i could find some that are pretty and affordable. And i did. Loving the one on the left and also the middle one is very good, but the one on the far rightt has to be my favorite. Not realistic but a girl can dream can’t she?!



4 thoughts on “Hammock Lounging

  1. Jess says:

    Oh heerlijk zeg! Hier een absolute hangmat verslaafde. We hebben er drie maar kunnen er jammer genoeg maar één tegelijk ophangen.

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