Keeper or Goner?

keep-calm-and-get-organized-7Spending a whole day(say about 8 hours) catching up on your Bloglovin’, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook is not a good thing right?! No i didn’t think so. But when i’ve had a busy week it does take me a day to get caught up with all things www related. And after i’m finished i can be so inspired to blog, post and all that jazz but by then i’m completely done with the whole internet thing. Not a good thing!

After adding up the numbers i’m coming to the conclusion that it’s getting out of hand, i’m admitting i have a problem. What the numbers are? We’ll lets see. I’m following 150 blogs on Bloglovin’, subscribed to 95 YT Channels, following 256 twitter accounts o and of courses there’s also Instagram, can’t forget about that one. where I’m following 264 Grammers.

That’s all together Way to much. Yep Way with a capital W. Something has to change. I have to change this time-consuming but o so lovely hobby of mine and i need to start cleaning up or cleaning out my subscription boxes and start unfollowing! But where to start and who or what to drop? I’m following all these people for a reason, they inspire me, make fun YouTube videos & write awesome blogs and take awesome pictures.

And that is exactly what my ‘keep’ or ‘get rid of’ criteria were. Did the post or YT clip make me laugh, did it inspire me and do the posts, clips and pictures all together enrich my life? If they do it’s a keeper, if they don’t… well it’s a goner! Okay maybe it wasn’t that easy but sticking with these general rules helped me a lot. Also i got some advice from the one and only Tyler Oakley. He was spot on with his The only life advice you need (watch it *here*).

So as of today i’ve been digitally downsizing and loving it!  All numbers have come down and hopefully it will only take me half a day next time. Twitter was very easier. People that hadn’t posted anything in a while or mostly post things that aren’t interesting to me had to go! Bloglovin’ and Youtube were the most challenging. So many great blogs and channels! And while i was on a purge&organize spree i also went over to my Facebook. To many ‘Friends’.

This purge was a good one, even liberating in a way. Think i might even make this digital cleanup a 6 monthly thing. How ’bout that?!

2 thoughts on “Keeper or Goner?

  1. Nicole says:

    Hope I’m still in the lists…
    And maybe an idea to go to your fav top 5 people everyday so that you dont miss out on them? Thats what I do.. Just takes me 15 minutes…

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