Sad, it’s just Sad!

Yep i’m a sad excuse for a blogger. Every time i think i’m getting back into ‘the game’ of blogging something happens (or nothing for that matter) and i forget to write for weeks. It’s not that i don’t have anything to say or to share, i have lots, but for some reason nothing ends up on here. Why is that? A mind-boggling question that i’ve asked myself over & over and after some time i can finally give myself multiple answers. And with these answers i’ve come to the realisation that i’m in desperate need of some structure and guidance to keep me from getting sidetracked.

I also realized that i don’t wanna blog everyday, for me it’s just not achievable, but i think that twice a week is doable (maybe three times, but then i maybe pushing it). Next i also need to figure out what the best days will be for me to post, what i want to blog about (plan ideas ahead even if it’s just a general idea, not detailed yet) and if i want to have a reoccurring kind of post (and what the frequency could be). Decisions, decisions, decisions and loads to think about!

So for now i’m going to give you some of my ‘currently’ stuff  and i’ll be back soon!

READING: I just rejoined the library about 3 weeks ago and i’m so so happy i did. The first time i only took 2 books home, but when i went last week i took 5! You can take up to 10 books total & borrow/ keep them for 3 weeks. I can read fast, but not fast enough to be going for the full 10 books in 3 weeks. So 5 will be a more realistic number. But back to the question, right now i’m reading  Are you my Mother by Louise Voss. And Geek Girl will be the next.
WATCHING: I’m trying to catch up on all the shows i watch online. That means all the episodes of  ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Hart of Dixie’ that aired in the last couple of weeks.
LISTENING TO: The new album by Jacqueline Govaert, Songs to Soothe. Going to her concert at Paradiso in September!
EATING: The last of the chocolate easter eggs and it’s making me a bit nauseous.
THINKING ABOUT: Making a moodboard/ inspiration board. I have loads of magazines and already cut out some cute stuff. Just need to figure out the how, when and where!
LOVING: The sun being out more and more !
FEELING THANKFUL: For just being here and having amazing family and friends i can call anytime!
MAKING ME HAPPY: Very corny but the song Happy by Pharrell

3 thoughts on “Sad, it’s just Sad!

  1. Nicole says:

    Structuur is inderdaad wel erg prettig. Ik had mijn blog juist als uitlaatklep en oh wat was/ben ik er blij mee! Maar ik wil nu ook meer structuur in mijn blogjes krijgen dus ga starten met wat vaste items. Eentje is een tijdelijke vast item (zie komende zaterdag..!) en eentje wil ik voorlopig aanhouden. Mits de inspiratie ophoud haha. Tsjah ik moet toch iets doen tijdens de hazenslaapjes van Fay 😉

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