BF (litterly) F

Steve Harvey has been a guest on the Ellen show a couple of times and i really like him. He’s nice, polite and pretty funny too. And when i saw this little clip of his show, i had to share it right away.

These two awesome and beautiful elderly ladies have been friends for 94 (!) years. Even though they are 100 years young, they’re still incredibly sharp, very worldly and just so sweet together.

I can call myself lucky to have friends just like this in my live. They are friends i’ve know since birth (both blood related & not), people i have as friends for over half of our lives, friendships that have lasted over 10 years now and also friends i haven’t known for that long, but that are very dear to me. And no matter how long we’ve been friends, i’m so glad that we can just sit, talk, goof around & just have a great time, just like Irene & Alice. And i hope we’ll still be doing just that when we are all old & grey and hanging around in an elderly home somewhere!

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