O Man i can’t believe it. How is it possible that i, a big Nutella lover, missed this fun(ny) day to celebrate 1 of the most delish spreads for you sandwich?! I had no idea know that there was a day completely devoted to this hazelnuty chocolaty spread. But i found out there is, cause last Wednesday was World Nutella day!

I love Nutella; the taste, the smell and even the jar itself can make me happy. Just one little sniff of this liquid gold choloate & i’m back on one of the many vacations i celebrated in France with my parents & brother. During these vacations a baguette (French bread) with Nutella on it was by far my favorite kind of breakfast or lunch. Only during these vacations because back home it just didn’t taste the same. I think* that if someone can make a Nutella baguette tasting exactly like they did back then, you can wake me up for it (*yes i think, cause i’m not really ready to actually find out if it’s true or not).

But nowadays you can do so much more with Nutella. Just take a look at all the recipes on the Nutalladay site. I already tasted some Nutella Cupcakes, made by my friend & her daughters over the summer, but this Nutella-banana-bread or this Nutella-stuffed-brown-butter-sea-salt-chocolate-chip-cookies recipe look mouth-watering!

Nutella spoon

Only sometimes you don’t feel like all these fancy schmancy options and you just wanna dip your spoon directly in the jar to enjoy the Nutella in it’s most natural form. At least i do & i would love to do that with a spoon like this. A spoon just for your Nutella, that’s to flipping cool! 

O & i won’t miss World Nutella Day ’15, it’s written down on my calendar. Yeah i’m kind of a nerd!

2 thoughts on “W(orld)N(utella)D(ay)

    • Amarins says:

      Haha ja ik heb het ook bijna nooit hoor, wat je zegt zelfbescherming anders groei ik dicht!

      Enne thanks voor je compliment, blij dat ik je aan het lachen kan maken hihi

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