♥ Forgotten World


Everything & everyone has history and a story. A history/ story that is mostly known by only a hand full of people. And if nobody tells these stories they will disappear, be forgotten with time so to speak.  And then if we come across it, we have to guess and make up our versions. And that is fine by me. I like to let my mind wander and create a ‘new’ world. And thanks to a German photographer Sven Fennema i have some new ‘material’.

Sven Fennema seems to have a sixth sence for finding forgotten places and takes pictures of them. The pictures, like the ones below, show some amazing empty buildings & hidden gardens that the world has and that for some reason seem to te have been forgotten by almost everyone.

Sit back and enjoy them, you can also let your mind wonder! And if you want to see more, go over to his website, you can find more beauties there!


forgotten1 forgotten2 forgotten3 forgotten4 forgotten5 forgotten6 forgotten7 forgotten9 forgotten11

Source: Sven Fennema

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