♥ The Day After

Honestly i don’t give a good goose fart on a muggy day* about valentine’s day. I’m single, never really had a valentine & it’s all fine by me. Maybe if i did have one, it would be different, but i don’t so…

… Nothing special for me, to me it was just a normal thursday. I spend a good part of the day over at a friend’s house. Just doing some schoolwork stuff for her on the computer & just hanging out. It was fun. She did write me a card, which was very sweet of her. And when i got home after swim practice i found another card, one of my best friends send me a card with an awesome photo of the two of us in Amsterdam on the front.

But with all that Valentines stuff just passing me by, i did come across this you tube clip. It’s just so cute, i had to share it.

* quote from New in Town

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