♥ Funny as Sh*t

I love my brother, but he’s the reason i get addicted to various things in life. When it’s not music, it can be scuba diving, a movie, food or in this particular case a tv show. According to him there’s a show i would like & i just had to watch! He even gave me all the episodes up to a couple of weeks ago on a usb stick. So of course i listened to my big brother,  watched all of them & just finished the most resent episode just now. And to no one’s surprise he was right. It’s an awesome show &  i’m hooked, i can’t wait till next week for the next one.

I’m talking about the show 2 broke girls. I think by now it’s a pretty well-known show, but it’s about  two young women waitressing at a diner, becoming good friends, roommates & who have hopes of launching a successful cupcake business together. It makes me laugh every time i watch it, the 2 main characters Kat Dennings Beth Behrs are hilarious and so are the rest of the main characters.  Like Kobe Bryant said it they’re funny as sh*it! (Watch the clip down here)

But it also makes me wanna bake cupcakes like all the time! Maybe even to the point that i start thinking (a little dreaming maybe…) how it would be if i started a cupcake business. Not that is in the future, but still wondering how cool that could & would be. So that is why i got out a box of cupcake mix i already had, bought some fondant and already looked up some fun decorating idea’s on the web. Someday in the near future i’ll find out if i’m any good at it, so wish me luck everyone!

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