♥ Family Time

6416208835_e9b21d8e59_oChristmas is over & New Years is just around the corner. Can you believe it?

Time has gone by so fast! My Christmas day’s have been spent in the company of some my favorite people; my family. Christmas is a holiday that is traditionally spent with family and i have no problem with that at all; my family rocks!

Christmas Eve was my alone evening, no plans, so i just relaxed on the couch and went to bed early because i had the work on christmas morning (on Wednesday & Thursday morning too). 

On christmas day we had a great traditional diner over at my parents house with my mom’s side of the family. Unfortunately not everyone was able to be there. Some were celebrating with other relatives & my oldest cousin was/ is still in the hospital. Hopefully next year we’ll all be together again, but we all have our family weekend in may to look forward too!

Boxing day i spent the afternoon/ evening with my dad’s side. For many years we spend it at my aunt & uncle’s, but they are retired now and are spending the winter months in Spain. Luckily we did get to Skype! So for the second year now we went over to my other uncle’s, now in his new house. It was so fun because we sort of had an introduction round before we pigged out on all the delish food. The ‘introduction’ of course wasn’t because we don’t know each other (duh we’re a close family) but just to get up-to-date with what is going on in everybody’s life. A great idea that my mom came up with!

But i’m afraid that all that fun and eating took a little toll on me. Yesterday and today i’ve been having a sore throat, earache and a slight fever. No fun, but it’s no as serious that its overshadowing the last couple of day’s. Because despite the aches this christmas was great!

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