Pretty Ugly

The season is almost upon us. Only 6 Sundays and so only 48 nights until christmas! And so it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas too. You start to see and read more and more Christmas related stuff everywhere. Tree ornaments, decoration inspirations, delish food ideas and of course like every year all the different Christmas ‘attire’ that is out there.

And when it comes to all the Christmas themed ‘attire’ i’m honestly astonished at how many Christmas themed sweaters have been made and are still alive and kicking in this universe. Just take a look at Pinterest and especially on the Ugly Christmas Sweaters board created by Applepiepieces. She made finding the ugliest Christmas sweater into a contest.If you want and you have an ugly Christmas sweater, just pin a picture of the sweater onto her board. You never know what good can come of an ugly piece of fabric.

I myself have never been so lucky to own an ugly sweater and i think that that’s a shame. Yes a shame, because you know what? They’re actually pretty cool and popular too. You can even buy them online here. I swear that if i had the money, i would really think about ordering a pretty ugly one. Just so i could wear it to my family christmas diner!

But i don’t have the money, so maybe, just maybe i’ll go digging for an old sweater and make me my own pretty ugly Christmas sweater!

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