♥ First Position

First position, second position, third position, assemblétendu, plié, etc etc etc. I’ve heard and know them all. Not that i ever took ballet when i was a little girl, i was (still am) a swimmer. No my cousin has been a ballet girl since she was i think 4 and is now a ballet teacher. Ever time her parents would go on skiing holiday, she would stay with us and we would, next to watching all the Take That videotapes, do some basic ballet. I love to watch ballet and i love watching her do it of course. So when i read about the documentary “First Position”, i knew i wanted to see it.

What’s it about? “First Position” follows 6 gifted ballet students from very different backgrounds as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix. A competition where the world’s top dance companies & schools look for new talent.

From the get go i rooted for them all. You see the hunger and the need to dance on stage, it’s breathtakingly amazing and gorgeous. They are so determinant, young as they are, all those hours and hours of training for that teeny tiny change they are what the companies & schools are looking for. It kept me on the edge of my seat so to speak. You should just see  it for yourself!

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