♥ Letter Living

Whenever i can get my hands on an interior design magazine or a boat magazine like Watersport, i’m a happy camper. I love to see how other people have created a home or a vacation home, what they have DIY-ed and how they have made the best of all the nooks and crannies houses can have. And i can get totally excited if there are the floor-plans aswell. I love to imagine what i would use room for, how i would arrange the furniture and what colors i would choose if i was so lucky to live in a house just like that. My mind can drift off and stay in my imaginary world for a while.

So you can guess what happened when i found these pictures on Topit.me. Floor-plans of letter shaped houses. I couldn’t find the whole alphabet, but the ones i did find are really cute, expect the weird objects (letters R & N) that are in some of the pictures.The letter X is my favorite, but hee if i have to live in any of the other letters, i’d still make it a little paradise!

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