♥ Swimming pool Love

I love swimming and i love seeing pictures of swimming pools. I can spend a fair amount of time on the internet just looking at (race)pool pictures. Well of course i don’t love all the pictures, but the picture on the left, made by Mel Stewart (of Gold Medal Mel & SwimSwam) is amazing. This pictures to me says race day, being the first 1 on deck, listening to some music on your iPod, watching everybody come in and start preparing for warmup and for the race of a lifetime…

And going through more of Mel’s Instagram pictures, i came across some more gems. Lookie look…

Ya i know i’m weird, but next to just loving pictures like these i also think they bring back memories of swimming in an outdoor pool when in Miami.

I sometimes to take a shot at it (shot… haha… you get it… righttt), but the pool where i practice is indoor and most of the time indoor pictures don’t make such pretty/spectacular/ amazing scenes. So when Mel or others like Rob (from Rob aquatics) post their pictures i’m just gonna stop, admire them and enjoy the memories!

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