♥ Hidden Past

Last year I downloaded some episodes of ‘Who do You Think You are’. I had seen a promo of the show on the Dutch TLC and I was wondering if it was a good show. Well it was and it is! I love the show.  Seeing the journey, the travel and the discoveries that the different celebrities make, has got me. And it also has me wondering if there is a (special) story in my family tree. How cool would that be?!

Tonight the 3rd season of the Dutch version (called ‘Hidden Past’ (Verborgen Verleden)) is gonna start. The show is exactly like ‘Who do You think you are’, but it’s (of course) with Dutch celebrities. Of the 2 other seasons I have only seen 5 or 6 episodes (I keep forgetting that it’s on & watching the episodes on internet is only possible for a short time after they originally aired). After looking at this year’s celebrities that are gonna go on a journey to learn more about their family tree, I think I’m gonna set my recorder for all the episodes. I ‘like’ the 8 celebrities and so I wouldn’t wanna miss seeing the episodes. And I also think it’s time to download some more Who do You Think You Are episodes; there have been some pretty interesting people/ episodes!

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