#febphotoaday challenge

The February month is over and so i should have 29  #febphotoaday pictures to show you. Yes i should have, but i only have 6 to show you at this moment.


1.Your view today / 2.words / 3. hands

4. A stranger / 5. 10a.m. / 6. diner

I guess now you’re wondering what happen. Well i can tell you that i did not quite, no my phone did (read about it here). While having it repaired i’m living/ dealing with a Samsung Galaxy Mini for the last 14+ days. As you know Galaxy means Android and not Apple. No Apple equals no Instagram (is it ever gonna be an Android app?). And since i want to keep all the pictures in the #photoaday challenges in the same style i don’t want use another program/app for the photo’s. So i’m planning to ‘Instagram’ the rest of this months photo’s (made with digital camera) when i get my iPhone back.

Now a new month and a new #photoaday challenge has started and i’m still in. I’m having fun with it and it makes me more and more creative everyday.

I’m keeping up the clicking!!!


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