♥ I want to ride my bicycle

Katie Melua sang about 9 million bicycles in Beijing, but in no other country in the world, bikes been used the most in the Netherlands. So you can say that Holland is a biking country. Over 84% of the Dutch have 1 or more bikes per person stalled in the shed/ garage. And while using all those bikes, you also have to stall them somewhere. Normally it can look like this: Well good luck finding your bike in this mess! This is @ Amsterdam Central Train station, so when you park your bike here, you know what to expect. But at more quieter places some of these bike stalling options below would be great alternatives to the standard ones (picture).

This last one has to be my favorite. You can find them all over my hometown, together with lampposts, garbage bins, benches and little poles. Ok i’m really biased here… my uncle made all of them!

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