♥ Winter fever

Here in the Netherlands we’ve been experiencing a cold front. For over a week the temperature hasn’t been higher than -4 degrees celsius, with the coldest of -21 degrees celsius friday/ saturday night. The lakes and most of the canals in Friesland (my county) are frozen enough to skate on.

And that’s what i’ve been doing every day since Friday. The first time skating in i don’t know how many years, wasn’t a very good one. The skates were a size to small and my ankles are weak thanks to all the swimming i’ve been doing over the last 20+ years. What to do? Well Saturday i went to the store and bought new ones. I had to and i’m so glad i did. The fun i’ve had the last couple of days have been worth it and i still have at least another good week of skating in front of me!

me on my new skates
First a bit uneasyBut then 2 thumps up!

Saturday morning skating on the Zwette (part of the Elfstedentocht route)

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