♥ Weekend Miscellaneous

♥ Thanks to Coeur Blonde I now know there is some you can hire to wait for your couch to be delivered while you work, come with you to a birthday and sit next to your aunt to listen to all the old stories or read to you when you’re sick. Or do you want a new signature, Simone de Jong will help you create one. Never thought of services like that. Maybe if i stay jobless for a while longer i can set up a businness like that…

♥ Open my fridge door and you’ll always see water bottles. Normally i refill the bottles 2 or 3 times before buying new ones. They hardly cost a dime (€0,75 for 6), but maybe i should use them more often (better for the environment) or go for 1 of the water bottle tips made by Teen Vogue.

♥ A few days ago the World winter swimming championship were held in Riga, Latvia. Swimming outside with a water temperature of 0,5 degrees Celsius and an air temperature of 4 degrees. Brrr to cold for me, iI’ll just stick with our indoor pool!

♥ Some funny animal voiceover clips. Makes me think of Animal Crackers (dutch tv show)


♥ New movies coming out and there are a few I really want to watch. The Hunger Game, The Vow, The Secret World of Arrietty and Gone are some of them.

♥ I would love to have a willow hedgehog basket in my garden. Maybe i should put it on the garden wish list for when i’ve given it a make over coming spring. The hedgehog will be happy next winter i think.

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