♥ My ’12 aspirations

The new year has been a month old already and i have been thinking about the rest of the year a lot. Where do i see myself in 11 months time; what have i done and how have i done it? One thing is very clear, i don’t want to ‘go through the motion’ like i did the past year. I wanna feel what i’m feeling, know what i’m doing and why i’m doing it. I’m gonna make Me number 1 from now on. Like i mention below i want to do things that make me happy, if it doesn’t then i wouldn’t do it.

Of course it wouldn’t always be easy, not everything will go according to my plan, but if i stay true to myself i’ll be good.

My aspirations

… finding an amazing job ♥ buy a new couch ♥ learning how to crochet ♥ also learning how to sew ♥ see more of the world and visit friends abroad ♥ be more confidant in everything ♥ be unique without losing myself ♥ cook more new recipes ♥ fixing up the garden & through a nice garden party ♥ do what makes me happy, if it doesn’t i don’t do it ♥ get a new tattoo ♥ keeping up the cleaning of my house as well as my head, heart & soul ♥ enjoy all the wonderfulness life gives me ♥ 

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