Tea with Friends

When you quite or change jobs there are always a few people you’re gonna miss. A colleague that over the years has become more than your average colleague, someone who holds a special place in your heart.

Well at least i have that feeling since quitting my job last year. Me and a few girls have grown closer during the years and i can truly say we are more friends that (former) colleagues. Unfortunately we don’t live very close and can’t visit each other on a whim. We have to plan our get-together’s, but that’s no problem for us.

Saturday we had the date here at my house. The original plan was that i would find a restaurant where we could go for lunch or a high tea. While thinking off a restaurant i had a light bulb moment… why didn’t i do it, make all the deliciousness myself? How hard can it be, right? It did take some planning, but it wasn’t hard. I decided to go with a round of mini sandwiches (Boursin & salmon and sausage-spread & cucumber), scones with clotted cream & jam (many kisses to my mom for making the scones & the clotted cream) and mini Quiches (they were ready made and not very tasty btw). For the second round i made brownies, muffins, had chocolates and chocolate covered profiterole. And of course we had plenty of different kinds of tea.

We had a super afternoon. We eat too much, drank liters of tea and talked about pretty much everything. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye, time flew by so fast. Luckily we planned our next date so we can live on this afternoon and look forward to the next one!

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