A Sunday the way it’s suppose to be

I had a really relaxing day yesterday. From the moment i woke up i took it easy. Doing it all at my own pace. A little cleaning up, breakfast while surfing on the laptop and the rerun of the Saints – 49ers game playing in the background.

While reading my twitter timeline i came across this clip and it did motivate me to get my butt of the couch and do something. Got dressed put some shoes on an went for a nice walk. Just like i expected i wasn’t the only one enjoying the weather. It was Sunday afternoon aka ‘national go outside with the family and go for a walk or a bike ride day’. Understandable, it was very nice out, sunny, no clouds and not to cold. With my new music playlist playing on my iPod i was at peace, enjoying the music, the surroundings and even my thoughts. I tried to make some pictures on the way but the different camera apps on my iPhone have been quitting on me lately. For some reason i can’t get them to open en when they eventually do open they make a picture and without saving it the app shut down. Frustrating.

After a good hour and a half i was home again, ready for a nice shower, a lick of paint for my (tow)nails and after that some me time on the couch.

The rest of the afternoon I tried to read a book, but I failed big time. The laptop was way more interesting so i ended up catching up on all the new blog post in my bloglovin’. I seriously have to many blog i follow, it takes up so much time to get up to date, i have to make myself downsize (i say that every time and never do btw).

At night i also had a first. The NFL playoff games are coming to an end and I finally was able to see a Ravens game live! Yep my favorite this year are the Ravens. Because of Michael Ohre (#74) and the Blind Side, Michael Phelps (a Baltimore native) and also because of Ray Rice. I’ve seen a short documentary on him and since then i’m a fan. It was also the first time i watched a game from the beginning till the end and the Ravens won. A very good night for all you can say.

And today it’s back to the order of the day; busy finding a job and stuff. It’s cold outside but with the heater on, some music and candles lit, it all will be okay. I have no fear for Blue Monday!

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