Serious Request ’11

As of tonight 9pm, 3 3Fm radio dj’s will be locked in a glass house and wouldn’t be coming out for 6 days, until Saturday the 24th around 10 pm. The dj’s wouldn’t eat but drink special juices, work in shifts and will play requested song. Why do they do that? Well it’s time for the 8th edition of Serious Request!

Serious Request is an annual project which raises money for projects of the Red Cross. This year it’s for mothers all over the world that have been affected by war. Listeners will request a song and make a donation to get the song played on air. Last year the total of € 7.471.000,-(!!!) was donated!  Along side the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and Kenya will have their own versions of Serious Request. Last year the

This year the house will be in Leiden, my brothers town. Which means that i have no excuses not to go and experience something like this. And donate some cash. Don’t exactly know when i’ll go, but that i’m going is a sure thing!

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