Up up we go

I love animation movies. They have a magical feeling and make me want to live in that world. The people of Pixar and Disney definitely know their stuff when it comes to animation. Despicable Me, Toy Story, Shrek, Lion King, Ice Age, The Nightmare before Christmas, Finding Nemo, Mary & Max, Wall E, you name it, i love em!

And now there is the opportunity to actually live in one of the animation worlds. Bangerter homes have built a replica of the Up house in Herriman Utah in the US. Well there was an opportunity because the house has been sold already. But i can enjoy it again tonight ’cause Up is gonna air on (Dutch) tv.

Many posts have been written on the ‘real’ Up house and many pictures have been taken. Also by Hooked on Houses, Emily Miskin and More than the Mulberries. Thanks to them i can show you some.

The house in the movie

The mailbox

The house in Utah

The floor plan of the ground floor

The floor plan of the second floor

The stairway that leads to the second floor with the amazing bookcase closet doors

The to-die-for kitchen

The nurseryEllie and Carl’s bedroomLoving the tube

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