Time Flies

Sometimes i have no clue where all the hours, minutes and seconds off the day go. Last time i posted something was a week ago on my birthday and that, in my eyes didn’t even really count because it was only a picture. Now i’m not apologizing, i blog when i blog, but it bother me. It wasn’t that i didn’t have anything to tell, lots in fact, but just didn’t know where the time went. So i guess this is gonna be a update-ish post.

The past week i have spent the most part my time with family and friends. And that is never a bad thing. The plan was that i wouldn’t really celebrate my birthday, but my parents came over of course, my grandma wanted to visit as well (who can resist that right), my aunt and uncle were here and off course a few of my friends and there daughters came for a cup of tea and a piece of Monchou cake (cheese cake) or apple pie (both homemade!!!). It was all so relaxing, best birthday in a long time, i loved it!

On Thursday night one of my friends took me into town for a little girl time. Our friendship goes way back, 33 years. Yes, we have been friends since i was born, we were neighbours for the fist 16 years of our lives. We only went in to a few stores and then started our catch-up session. Talked for about 4 hours. Both came to the conclusion that we don’t do this often enough. Something we say all the time btw!

The weekend was for family. We celebrated Sinterklaas. I guess i have been a sweet girl this year, because i got some great gifts. Scented candles, christmas ornaments, a heart-shaped door wreath, 2 handy bag-/ clothes hook for the car and the tradition chocolate letter. Spoiled to the core i tell ya.

So after all that, today was a day of nothing, well almost nothing. Woke up at 5 am with a headache thanks to all the chocolate and other not so healthy foods i eat over the weekend, and not being able to sleep anymore. So downstairs on the couch with a blanket and 2 movies. The only reason i left the house was because i had nothing eatable left. Hopefully i’ve recharged enough for a new week ’cause i think i’m gonna need it.

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