Preparation is key

November is about preparing for Christmas.

December is for enjoying Christmas.

A quote i read on Echoes of Laughter. Something so simple but so true.

Around Christmastime i don’t have a lot to do when it comes to preparations for the diner or people coming over to my house to spent the day. I’m single and on the 2 christmas days we have in the Netherlands, i spend my time at the houses of my relatives. One day with my dad’s side of the family and the other with my mom’s side. I do help out my mom with the cooking, but that’s at their house and my mom just tells me when she wants to start and i’ll come over. So pretty easy, no stress for me, well maybe when it comes to what i have/ want to wear!

But i do have the tendency to put of other little ‘chores’, understatement how much time those little things will take and leave them until the last moment (this doesn’t happen only around Xmas i’m afraid). And every time i’m rushing and getting stressed i tell my self i have to change and do it all differently the next time. A very good thought, do it differently, but how? Well there is a secret, a secret Angie unraveled and shared with the world. And that secret is;

  1. start early,
  2. give yourself deadlines
  3. and only do the things you enjoy.

Now that sounds like something even i can stick to. And i’m taking the bull by the horns, getting pen & paper and writing down what i want to do and giving myself the deadline. What do i have so far?

First the Xmas cards. Over the last couple of years i have occasionally skipped the whole sending cards. But every time i think of what a nice feeling it gives me when i get the cards in the mail, i want to give that feeling back. I love that they think of me, so i want to let them know i think of them aswell. I have written the addresses on the cards (a few addresses are still missing, have to dig them up), gonna write something inside in the weekend of Dec.10th & i want to mail them by Dec.15th!

Secondly i want to tackle some of the Xmas DIY’s i have found on the world-wide web (love Pinterest). For example;

I have the ribbon for the ‘Xmas tree’ with some cute mini clothes pins, now it’s waiting for the cards. Also i have the paper and ribbon for the string of Xmas cut outs, so i can start with that on Sunday. For the door decoration i don’t wanna use the pine cones, but ornaments. Before friday i want to have figure out which ones i want to use, so i can get the perfect ribbon that will go with them.

For now i think there enough ‘things to do’ on the list, since i also have to write a few Sinterklaas poems, because we celebrate that on Saturday. But maybe after that i’ll try find some more cute idea’s that i would want to give a go.

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