Xmas is coming

It’s still (or ‘only’ however you wanna see it) 46 days till Christmas and it’s kinda hard not to pick up on that. A blog i follow has its 12 weeks before Christmas, on Schiphol the Xmas light have been put up and the different stores have their Xmas sections with all the ornaments, (fake) trees and lights. It makes it hard not to think of the coming holidays.

Back in the days (ok until last year) seeing all that at the beginning of November would annoy me, hello it’s the beginning of November! Why would you put up all the lights and sell all thats stuff already? It’s nowhere near the end of Christmastime! I wanted to shout “it’s a commercial thing, stores wanna make money don’t fall for it!” (and that still is true, but i’m keeping my head in the sand on that for now). Guess my reason for reacting the way i always did, was because i was nowhere near ready for all the merryness. And because ì wasn’t, nobody should be. A very nice thought right, very Christmassy, Not!

But i did a one eighty this year. I have to stop myself from going to the attic and getting down the tree, decoration my house and listening to Xmas songs all day. Wondering why that is, i came to the conclusion that right now i need that merryness; the feeling of comfort, security, that everything is gonna be all right, that there will be peace on earth one day, that everyone in this world has someone that looks out for them, will protect them and keep them save. Not a very realistic picture, but in these times (crisis, wars and all the misery going on) for me it’s a way to see some good in the world because i know it’s there!

So i’ve decided to give in on the Xmas songs (updating my playlist right now) and decorating a bit. But the tree… the tree is going to stay on the attic for a little while longer.

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