Almost Halloween

!!! It’s only a few day’s before Halloween !!!

Love the teeny Audrey Hepburn

And that always gives me a feeling of exitment. Don’t know where that’s coming from, we don’t celebrate Halloween here, we have our St Martin’s day. On November 11th Dutch kids don’t dress up, they go door to door with there (homemade) paper lantern and sings songs for candy.

The only time i celebrated Halloween was during my exchange year. And honestly i don’t remember a lot. I was dressed up as a witch and i was wearing a pointy hat, thàt i do remember.  Together with my 2 host sisters I went trick or treating  in the neighborhood. I know that if you’re 16 it’s not really considered cool to go trick or treating. You to old to do that, you’re supposed to go to a party. I don’t know if there were any parties organized by friends of where friends of mine were going to, but i’m glad i went trick or treating. Beside all the candy, it’s an American tradition i had to experience, because that was what i was therefore, experiences.

Pictures found on via Prudent Baby

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