Scarfs, scarfs and more scarfs

When i was a sweet little girl (still very sweet but not so little) my mom would always finish my outfit off with a scarf. I think i like it at first, but when i got older i was done with it and wouldn’t let any even come near me. I couldn’t stand having anything around my neck. No scarfs, no necklaces, no turtlenecks or high sweaters.

To this day i still don’t like the necklaces, turtlenecks or high sweaters, but i did a one eighty on the scarfs a couple of years ago. It started when i was feeling a migraine coming up. Wearing a scarf to warm up the back of my neck (where my migraines always start) and keep the attack at bay for a little while longer. The occasional wearing started to become an always. And i mean always, i even wear a scarf  in the summer. I have around 10 to 15 in my closet and when i’m shopping it’s still one of the first things i look for.

But even though i have some many different scarfs, until now i only knew 2 ways to wear them. Yes until now! I had no idea that there were at least 23 more ways! Thanks to Nicole of Making it Lovely, i now know better! She posted a link on her facebook of the video below. So cool and easy to learn as well. Just added the video to my favorites and gonna try out a new way tomorrow!


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