Loving till the end

DES MOINES, Iowa  — An Iowa couple married for 72 years died holding hands in a Des Moines hospital within 70 minutes of each other after a car accident that also injured another couple.

This already happened October 12th, but i only read about it today (originally here and later here). The couple met and married in 1939 and never wanted to be without each other after that day, they loved being together. The husband once said that he had to stick around. He couldn’t go until she did, because he had to stay there for her and she would do the same thing for him.

One paragraph in the Msnbc article got me tearing up. When the husband stop breathing, his heart was still going on the monitor. It turned out, that because the couple were holding hands, the heartbeat of the wife went through the husband and got picking it up.

Maybe this is not an example of unconditional love like the story i blog about before (here), but that after being together for 72 years, they were able to spend their last moments and leave this earth together as well. To me this is a comforting and beautiful thought.

p.s. i really hope that the women in the other car will recover soon.

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