The 4 (11)

A picture of me reading a book on the beach. You can see what i’m seeing.


Since this is going to be my 100th post here on, i thought it would be a nice moment to share my 4 (411). I’ve seen these big 4’s on a few other blogs and it’s always fun to read more about the bogger. So there we go!

4 places that i go to over and over

  • The swimming pool; I’m a chlorine addict according to my dad. I have been swimming competitively since i was 8. Even though i don’t compete regularly i still love to practice and since a couple of weeks i even try to share some of my experiences and tips with  some of the other swimmers of our team
  • The employment office; Not having a job is not a very nice thing. You need money to life, eat and all that stuff. Not having any coming in isn’t cool. I quite my job on October 1st,  it was my own choice btw. Why… i’ll probably blog about that later
  • My parents house; I life in the same city as them. It’s the city i where i was born and raised. I life on the other side of the town, but i go there a lot. Usually i eat diner there 3/4 times a week. It’s very handy, healthy and cheap, especially since i’m jobless!
  • And of course i go to my own house. I love it. It has all the things i love (my bed, pillow, couch blanket etc). I do think of it as my in between home, my real home is gonna be the house i see myself growing old in. I know it sounds weird, but i can be that from time to time

4 people who email me (regularly)

  • Most of the mail i get, comes from different sites; notifications from websites (facebook, Linkedin, Postcrossing, etc), newsletters (been un-subscribing tough, it can’t tempt me & doesn’t fill up my mailbox any longer) and stuff like that. So not a lot of email from ‘normal’ people. My friends who do sometimes mail me, i see them face to face (thank G) and also i ‘talk’ to them through the social networks.

4 places i’d rather be right now

  • At a company, having a job and making some money
  • Scuba diving in a beautiful spot somewhere on this planet
  • Sightseeing in New York (been thinking about visiting the city a lot)
  • Or visiting some of my friends from all over the world

4 tv shows i follow

  • Of course i watch tv, but i don’t ‘follow’ a lot of shows, not on tv at least. I don’t stay home for the or set my recorder. And if i really want to see a show, i go online and watch it. The show i do follow, i follow them on my pc. I watch The Big Bang Theory, Glee and How i met Your Mother and The Voice of Holland. Love love love them!


So now you know a little bit more about me. Really liked thinking of the 4 places i go to over and over/places i’d rather be/tv shows, maybe should do it more often and pick up the 10 things again…

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